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      Welding wire, stainless steel wire, silver wire, copper wire, wear wire...

      Magnesium alloy

      Cyclone Technology believes that China's scientific research, industrial manufacturing, geological exploration, highway construction provide accurate and reliable testing instruments and equipment for the company's business philosophy.

      Disinfecting anti-corrosion agents

      Maintenance requirements for users in this city: The company stipulates that maintenance personnel must arrive at the scene within 50 minutes after receiving the notice, and provide maintenance services for the users in the province.

      Pulse Transformers

      Modern management, excellent team and honest service, is the only comprehensive home appliance repair company in Shenyang appliance repair industry.


      Our company is located beside the 106 National Highway. The transportation is very convenient. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the market-oriented and innovative as the starting point to provide customers with more comprehensive products.

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      Paper cutter

      The company has long-term service organizations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan to better meet the needs of domestic and international photo machine nozzles, and the product sales area covers the entire Southeast Asian market.




      The unique circuit protection technology is the guarantee of long life, 100% on the machine, 100% airtight, 100% non-leakage.